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My first time with WordPress

Having decided that I was going to setup a website this weekend, the time came to put something together. Normally I would start from scratch, playing around in Photoshop then knocking up some prototypes, then onto the full layout etc. This time round I couldn’t face doing any more coding – pretty hectic at work – so I figured I’d give WordPress a go. I’d never really considered it before, no real reason not to it just never entered my mind.

A quick install later, and it was up and running. Very nice bit of kit it is too!

I spent a few hours searching around for a theme to use, eventually settling on one from Pixel Perfect. A couple more hours of configuring, installing plugins, modifying plugins and templates and testing, and I had a pretty decent first pass at a new site – in a lot less time than it would have taken me normally.

The process was simple, painless, and even enjoyable! Defiantly going to be using it again.