Hi there, my name is Ben Periton – I’m a developer. I’m now back in Kent working for a local company doing things I love, rather than wasting time dealing with red tape with the bigger companies Smile


I’m a fairly private person. Have some facts.

  • I have 2 boys
  • I have 2 cats
  • I hate fish, mushrooms, early mornings, and hot drinks with sugar in


I’ve been playing with computers for ~ 25 years, my first computer being an Amstrad CPC464 from which I caught the coding bug – the manual came with example code and instructions! Nerd

Being so passionate about code has its pros and cons. On one side, my personal projects are never finished – largely because I’m always finding new ways of doing things, or rewriting chunks of them in a new language. On the other, I constantly strive to stay up-to-date with emerging and evolving technologies, which has its uses in a business environment.

I guess I’m lucky in the sense that my job is also my hobby. Smile


My first ‘proper’ job was in 2000, writing plug ins in Fox Pro for Pegasus Opera accounting software, whilst building up the web side of the business. Since then I have worked in many different organisations, large and small, contracting and full-time – all involving web technologies and concepts (Apart from the 18 months I took out to do some work that didn’t involve being in an office – landscaping, shop/bar work, and window fitting)

I’m quite happy where I currently work but, if you want to offer me a load of money to sit at home and code, you can find my CV here and feel free to drop me a line! Grin