Update: September 2019
It has occurred to me that I just haven't had time to actually update this site in around 6 years, so it is quite out of date. So, I have decided to start making a new one.
Bear with me, I just need to find time to put some content together :)

I haz a intertube station!

Hello and welcome to my little bit of space on the internet!

This is where I can hopefully keep all my ideas together and accessible, try them out, and not forget/lose them – as I’m prone to do currently. There is a blog, but I very much doubt it will end up being a constantly updated thing, more likely it will be used to document my experiments and findings, and to keep a record of anything else that I may stumble across.

Feel free to contact me (as long as you say nice things) about pretty much anything, or find out more about me – if that’s what tickles your fancy – by using the links at the top of the page. (Public Profiles will list the various social networks you can find me on.)

Happy browsing, ciao! Smile